What services do we offer?

Human resource -is the process of employing people, training them, compensating them, developing policies relating to them, and developing strategies to retain them.

CRESENT AGENCY specializes in staffing ,training and development.


  1. Advertise your manpower requirements in the major news platforms nationwide and all social media networks;
  2. Update and activate our database of pre-qualified applicants for clients’ selection;
  3. Provide clients with conducive venue, facilities therein and reliable support-staff during selection process/interview;
  4. Arrange the trainings needed, including trade tests and medical examination of selected applicants;
  5. Assist the selected applicants in the documentation requirements needed like the process of their verified contract of employment in pertinent government agencies like authentication of their documents in the ministry of Foreign Affairs if necessary, including also the stamping of visas for those workers whose destinations are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
  6. Assist workers in securing pre-Departure orientation seminar certificate for those who are scheduled for departure;
  7. Assist selected workers in the departure formalities/procedures;
  8. Continuous update and monitoring of service rendered to all our clients.


Training and development

Once we have spent the time to hire new employees, we want to make sure they not only are trained to do the job but also continue to grow and develop new skills in their job. This results in higher productivity for the organization. Training is also a key component in employee motivation. Employees who feel they are developing their skills tend to be happier in their jobs, which results in increased employee retention. Examples of training programs might include the following:

 1. Job skills training
2. Training and communication
3. Team building activities
4. Policy and legal training